Analyzing Facial Information 

to find the perfect hire 

Our AI Video Assessments use the latest scientific techniques from neuroscience and psychology to support you in making data-driven hiring decisions. We do this by measuring psychophysiological biometrics and using AI to give recommendations on various predictors of performance.

Learn more about your candidates in 5 minutes. A full AI Video assessment just takes 15 - 20 minutes.


Consistent data-driven decision making


Save time in selection and know more about your top candiates


Strengthen your recruitment capabilities

Matching candidates and companies

We measure candidate's engagement and cultural fit to the company

Matching candidates and roles

We measure candidate's motivation and fit to the role.

Matching candidates to the job dynamics

We measure candidate's social skills and stress management ability.

What we measure

About Neurolytics

We're passionate about developing solutions that make people happier in their day to day. Whether it's for finding that perfect job, learning how to be mentally fit, or keeping everyone safe, reliable information can make all the difference. We do this by providing valuable and objective information on people from psychophysiological biometrics.

With our multidisciplinary team of neuro scientists, machine learners and technology experts we aim to to disentangle human behavior and cognition. We do this by using scientifically validated methods from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and computer science. Neurolytics’ multi-functional technology supports professionals in human resources, healthcare, security, marketing and finance.

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